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Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Overview

PhER Technology has perfected its SPhERE CRM Solution to offer companies the ability to grow customer loyalty through dialogue. With SPhERE.crm, companies can integrate all facets of CRM operations - marketing, sales and service - to create customer relationships that yield productive results.

By implementing SPhERE.crm, companies can align customers' preferences with sales and marketing campaigns, integrate multichannel customer contact technologies, increase the return on customer retention activities and increase productivity and morale, lower employee turnover within the contact center

With SPhERE.crm, you get powerful analytics, best-of-breed campaign management, real-time interaction optimization, and scalable database management. The solution gives you real-time customer profiles based on historical, personal, and contextual data and then use real-time analysis and business rules to identify the highest-impact offer during an inbound interaction.

You can plan execute, and monitor permission- and event-based campaigns across all touch points. Evaluate customer information for profiling, forecasting, segmentation, and other purposes using integrated analytics capabilities.

SPhERE.crm provides tools to send intelligently-determined, personalized email content and see measurable lift over static or rules-driven dynamic content.

The result: You implement high-impact customer-driven marketing campaigns that get results.

Built on industry standard platforms J2EE, the solution is platform independent and provides the corporate tremendous flexibility to customize the solution according to requirements. It is also highly secure and supports different authentication mechanisms.